Under the Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai


  • Dr. Andrea Baldini
    Dr. Andrea BaldiniItaly
  • Dr. Andreas B. Imhoff
    Prof. Andreas B. ImhoffGermany
  • Dr. Ashish Babhulkar
    Dr. Ashish BabhulkarINDIA
  • Dr. Bhuvan Machani
    Dr. Bhuvan MachaniUAE
  • Dr. Cardenas
    Dr. CardenasSpain
  • Dr. Carlos
    Dr. CarlosBrazil
  • Dr. Catreina
    Dr. CatreinaSpain
  • Mr. Cronin
    Mr. CroninUK
  • Dr. David Blaha
    Dr. David BlahaUSA
  • Dr. Erik Hohman
    Dr. Erik HohmanUAE
  • Dr. Fahad Al Khalifa
    Dr. Fahad Al KhalifaBahrain
  • Dr. Fredrik Almqvist
    Dr. Fredrik AlmqvistUAE
  • Dr. Giovanni
    Dr. GiovanniItaly
  • Dr. Greg Hoy
    Dr. Greg HoyAustralia
  • Dr. Hatem Galal
    Dr. Hatem GalalKSA
  • Dr. Ibrahim ElGanzoury
    Prof. Ibrahim ElGanzouryEgypt
  • Dr. Ibrahim Gado
    Dr. Ibrahim Gado
  • Dr. Ibrahim Tuncay
    Dr. Ibrahim TuncayTurkey
  • Dr. Jeff Bischoff
    Dr. Jeff BischoffUSA
  • Dr. Joao Espregueira
    Dr. Joao EspregueiraPortugal
  • Dr. Jorma Pajamäki
    Prof. Jorma PajamakiFinland
  • Dr. Juci Rantanen
    Dr. Juci RantanenUAE
  • Dr. Leslie Brain Cannon
    Dr. Leslie Brain CannonUAE
  • Dr. Ludwig Seebauer
    Dr. Ludwig SeebauerGermany
  • Dr. Maan Tabaa
    Dr. Maan TabaaUAE
  • Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Karim
    Dr. Mahmoud Abdel KarimEgypt
  • Dr. Mohamed Nasif
    Dr. Mohamed NasifEgypt
  • Dr. Mohammed AlBluwi
    Dr. Mohammed AlBluwiKSA
  • Dr. Mojieb Manzary
    Dr. Mojieb ManzaryKSA
  • Dr. Murat Bozkurt
    Prof. Murat BozkurtTurkey
  • Dr. Nadir Darwish
    Dr. Nadir DarwishUAE
  • Dr. Nicolaas C. Budhiparama
    Dr. Nicolaas C. BudhiparamaIndonesia
  • Prof Nurettin Heybeli
    Prof Nurettin HeybeliTurkey
  • Dr. Omar Batouk
    Dr. Omar BatoukKSA
  • Dr. Pascal Christel
    Dr. Pascal ChristelUAE
  • Prof. Peter Theobald
    Prof. Peter TheobaldUK
  • Dr. Philip Chapman
    Dr. Philip ChapmanUK
  • Dr. Philip Nayert
    Dr. Philip NayertUAE
  • Dr. Raed Abu Taleb
    Dr. Raed Abu TalebKSA
  • Dr. Rajesh Kakwani
    Dr. Rajesh KakwaniUK
  • Dr.  Rhys Thomas
    Dr. Rhys ThomasUK
  • Prof. Roberto Rossi
    Prof. Roberto RossiItaly
  • Dr. Sam Tarabichi
    Dr. Sam TarabichiUAE
  • Dr. Simon Grange
    Dr. Simon GrangeUAE
  • Dr. Tarek Abuzakuk
    Dr. Tarek AbuzakukUAE
  • Prof.  Theofilos Karachalios
    Prof. Theofilos KarachaliosGreece
  • Dr. Wael Behairy
    Dr. Wael BehairyEgypt
  • Dr. Wolfgang  Klauser
    Dr. Wolfgang Klauser Germany
  • Dr. Yaquob al Hammadi
    Dr. Yaquob al HammadiUAE
  • Prof. Yifei Dai
    Prof. Yifei DaiUSA
  • Dr. Ziad Noun
    Dr. Ziad NounLebanon
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ISKAST 2018 News
5th International Biennial Congress
of Iranian Society of Knee Surgery,
Arthroscopy, and Sports Traumatology
14 - 17 Febraury 2018
Kish Island, IRAN
  • ISKAST 2018
  • ISKAST 2018
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