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Guidelines for Free Paper


All Free Paper should be submitted in English only.

Submission Process

All Free Paper must be submitted using the Free Paper Submission Portal in ICJR ME 2020 website.

NOTE: Free Paper submitted by email, fax or post will NOT be accepted. The Scientific Committee will not accept responsibility for any Free Paper that have not been properly submitted according to the instructions.

Free Paper must contain original scientific data collected by the author(s). All Free Paper will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to determine whether a submission is accepted as an oral, video or a poster presentation and its decision is final. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to edit Free Paper for grammar and clarity.

A Presenting Author whose free paper has been accepted for either oral, or poster presentation is required to register and pay the conference registration fee in order to attend the meeting and deliver their abstract.

The presenting authors and co-authors are eligible for 50% discounted conference registration fees.

The last date of Free Paper Submission is 28th February 2020.

Free Paper Format Structure

  • Free Paper Title: The title must be brief, concise, and in CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Free Paper title limit: 20 words
  • Authors: Please enter your name and your colleagues’ names as you wish them to appear in the Final Program.
  • Maximum number of words: The free paper text should have a minimum of 250 words and maximum of 300 words only.
  • The Scientific Committee reserves the rights to reject any submission.
  • The Structure of the Free Paper should be:
    • Purpose
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusion
  • Do not include keywords in the free paper.
  • Abbreviations should be spelled out, in parenthesis, in its first use in the free paper.


Oral Presentations

Free Paper accepted as oral presentations will be given 10 minutes for presentation, including three minutes for question and answer session. Presenters will be requested to submit their PowerPoint presentations saved on a CD, DVD or memory sticks (using the USB port in the computer) and should be submitted to the Organizer at the AV Room.

If you have a video embedded on your PowerPoint presentation, please check that the video file works properly in the hall where your presentation is taking place during a break immediately prior to your session.

The meeting rooms will be equipped with both Windows and Mac based PC’s.

Use these fonts as other fonts may change to a default font on a PowerPoint-based PC: Arial; Times New Roman, Verdana.

Insert photos that are JPG files. Please note that images saved as TIF, PNG or PICT will not be visible on a PowerPoint-based PC.

Use AVI, MPG and WMV files as MOV files from QuickTime will not be visible on a PowerPoint-based PC.

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News / Updates

"Call for Abstract - 8th ICJR ME 2020"

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"The 8th ICJR ME 2020 Venue Announced"

The 8th ICJR ME 2020 conference will be held from 9 - 11 April 2020 at Intercontinental Hotel - Festival City, Dubai, UAE.

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